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Papillons, Yorkies & Designer Pups

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To our

These are some of our Babies
that have 'flown away'
to their new forever homes.
Hope you enjoy seeing them....

Is now in his fur-ever home with
Connie & Robert Burney
Jackson, MS


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Well our little Charlie is going great , he is eating very good thrown up a
couple time I think he gets so fired up after he eats but going great , he has
an attitude LOL he wants his way on everything we love him dearly he is a mama's
boy  he goes outside and does his business finally got him to sleep,in his
little bed during day but wants me to hold him all time when he isn't ruling the
roost he goes for his second around of shop April 9' he is was a joy to us the
best decision we made love him so .... thanks so much !



Linda here is 3 pictures of our Charlie he is a mess and so cute he keeps us
on our toes we have enjòyed him more than you will ever know what a joy in our
lives thank you so much ! These were taken last week end on the coast . He
weight 4 1/2 lbs a little fella !

have gone to their fur-ever
home with
Patty & Bob Slater
Gulfport, MS


'Baby Girl'
is now in her
'fur-ever' home with

Jamie & Andy Hollinsworth
Jackson, MS



We were talking about you last night actually. Our plan was to send you some pictures and maybe a video we’ve taken of her interacting with everyone in her new world. Needless to say, she is wonderful!

            There are many things we wanted to share with you. We’ve raised puppies ourselves on several occasions, not Yorkies but we know how involved it can be. What has fascinated us is just how EVERYTHING about her is so good! She is the most agile 7 week old I think I’ve ever seen. We have a small set of stairs at the foot of our bed that the other 2 use to get up on. She is already climbing them! She’s playful, chases the other 2, comes running when we call her, eats good, goes to the bathroom good, everything is just right. We couldn’t be happier!

            Jamie took her to see our vet Tuesday, I think it was, and she was very pleased with everything, with the puppy plus all your paperwork. She commented that “you had your stuff together”.  

            I will get some of our pics together and send them to you, I know you’ll enjoy them. Once again, we are more than thrilled with her and she seems to be very happy as well. We could tell “someone” had spent time with her lovin’ and playin’. THANKS

Andy & Jamie Hollingsworth

has gone to live with
her special 'fur-ever' family
Shelly, Chris, Michael & Maddie
Covington, LA


My 5 year old saw her tonight for the first time and daisy looked up and sat up wagging her tail so by tonight i suspect she will feel much better.  She wagged her tail a good deal meeting michael my 8 yr old too. 
Looks like u made a perfect fit !!
She is soooo happy with michael. He is 8 and is the perfect age for some responsibility and lots of love and companionship.

Just a note to say hello and share a sweater picture. 
Daisy, the lemon, born 2/19/14 fr misti and meeko is doing well.
She is still in the submissive wetting stage which is annoying for sure but did 
very well potty training. She is a licker and has a searing bark that i am 
working on.
Other than that, she holds her own with the 8 & 5 year old kids and the 
malamute. She does not sleep with us yet until she can hold her potty which she 
really does quite well most nights. I am not ready to change sheets when sleepy 
if she submissively pees. She is very contented in her dog hut with warm cuddly 
pad and fuzzy blanket so when her bladder improves, she can sleep with us.
She really is a fun and loving part of our family

She loves this part of the couch. She can see into the kitchen and all around as 
Her ears havent stood up but her tail is very taut which i love. Her ears r cute 
down too, no matter to me

She has gone to her
fur-ever home to live with
Angelina, Chris & Maddie Coleman
Slidell, LA


Hi Linda,

So far this puppy has been a pleasure! Lol. She doesn't make much noise at all! She's actually unbelievably quiet. She'll cry for about 60 seconds when I put her in her playpen and then she settles right down. As far as night time, she stays in her bed in her playpen til around 1230am then I take her out to potty (she goes right onto the potty pad just about every time). Then I'm bad and I lay her on my belly and we sleep til about 430am then out to potty again. Lol. I've been camping out on the sofa these past couple of nights so we don't wake up Chris or Maddie.

Maddie has been a typical two year old and has been 'over excited'. We watch them when they're together like hawks. Lol. I am shocked really at how much Minnie takes to Maddie! Its almost like Maddie is Minnie's 'preferred' human in the house (as loud as Maddie can be lol).

Minnie's been eating but not a 'whole' lot so I make sure she eats a few cheerios in the day to keep her sugar up (just in case). She drinks well. She's a very friendly, calm puppy.

I took her to the vet today. He said everything looks and sounds good. He also said her Lil hernia is not bad at all and we'll take care of that when she's 6 months when we get her spayed.

I'm a 'little' tired with the extra 'wake ups' in the night then tackling a two year old in the day (who doesn't take naps anymore). Lol. I was planning for that tho so no surprise there. Haha. So far we're all making out pretty good. We still have a little adjusting to do but I think that won't take too long.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet. But I sure will keep you posted! My emails will probably start coming later at night for a bit tho now! Haha!

Thanks for checking on us and I'll be in touch soon,


Just took these two photos on my cell phone so you can see what her lil ears look like now. Whatcha think? Butterfly or Moth? Lol. I just LOVE that second picture - what a doll!


Hi Linda,

Just wanted to give you a quick update that things are going well. I havent taken any pics recently but as soon as I do Ill send some on over. Maddie and Minnie are like two crazies when they are together. Maddie is learning fast how to interact with a 'puppy'. We had a few bouts of Maddie getting so excited she'd 'scream' and play and in turn scare Minnie (not real bad or nothing) but Maddies seemed to 'control' her excitement a lot now! Lol. The only issue Im having is the biting/teething. Minnie only bites on Maddies hair from the back. When she bites Chris he makes the 'puppy cry' and she stops. However, no matter what I do shes determined to let me have it! Lol. Trying to figure out the best trick to use when Minnie gets over excited and bites a lil too hard.

I gave her plain yogurt for a week everyday and her ears look the same. Shes adorable no matter what. Im thinking she could in fact be a phalene! Do you know if her brothers' ears are up yet? Just curious at this point - doesnt matter much! Lol. Today tho at times she almost looked like yoda at some points!! They were almost pointing outward. Lolol. Im enjoying the suspense of waiting to see what those lil ears are going to do. I read some Paps ears didnt go up until 5 months old when teething was through - even tho the owners gave them extra calcium.

She sleeps VERY well in her playpen at night. That is wonderful for us and her too! She really is a great puppy!

How are the other babies doing? Getting big already Im sure! They grow so fast. Minnie has definitely grown since we've gotten her. She eats and drinks really well! Ill let you know how big shes gotten at her next vet visit (the thursday after mardi gras).

Hope all is well.

is now living with his
fur-ever person
Peterson Senatus
Virginia Beach, VA


My girlfriend and Romeo. She loves him! Most affectionate puppy I've ever encountered!




I wanted to take a moment and update you on our life with Finn. Finn has become the member of our family, we never knew was missing! He loves other dogs and is so social. He completely potty trained in just a few months and hasn't had an accident since! Finn is fully grown and only weighs 5 lbs but you'd never know from his bark! He is very loving, he loves to give kisses, he is very protective, extremely playful, and full of energy! He loves the beach and car rides with the window down. Thank you for a wonderful puppy that has became a member of our family! We look forward to giving Finn a brother or sister in the near future! 

Pictures Included: 
Finn's first t-shirt, Finn's original photo from your website, Finn at the beach, Finn's Florida raincoat, our engagement photo, Finn with me on my wedding day, and Finn's first summer haircut!
feel free to use whatever photos you would like for your website. We appreciate you raising quality puppies and look forward to doing business with you in the future!
Will and Ashley Johnston, Tampa, Florida



He is now livingin
his fur-ever home with
Shane, Danielle & Rachel Hichman
Poplarville, MS

(Parti Yorkie)



Good Evening Ms. Linda:

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Hogan, now named Toby. 

He has so much personality.  I never thought I would allow a dog into my home, but have fell in love with Toby.

He is a mighty little fellow  - thinks he can take on the world (or your toes).  Now if he would just get completely potty trained LOL  Almost there…

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Shane Hickman

Pictured below Rachel & Toby

aka 'KARIE'
has gone to her
'fur-ever' home to be
loved & give love to
Elicia Fobian
Ashely, MO



Just a little picture up-date of
Kim's Crew
Maggie, Hammy & Karli
March 2014


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aka 'CHICO'
is now happily living with
his new furever family,
they waited a long time for this Baby!

Kim Beauregard & Family
Moosup, CT

Thank you!




aka 'KIA'
has gone to join the Family
with Hammy & Kim. Kim wanted
another baby a week after she
got sweet is that?



Look a-here...
Kim has gotten Maggie's
sister KARLI a week after getting
She has done gone
"Dog-gone" NUTS!!
That's OK, you are not alone!!

Thanks Kim, I hope they bring you & your Family
many, many years of love & joy!



Hi Linda,
Just checking in to give u an  update on these crazy pups. Karli thinks my laundry baskets filled with clothes are her playground... Maggie hates the cold ground on her feet when its raining like today... and Mr Hambone still cant get up the stairs and is going to get his first haircut tomorrow. I'll send u a picture. and house breaking is not going so well they have their own ideas on that topic. Still crazy for the honey nut cheerios. And they are my snuggle bugs at night. I love snuggling with them. Poor Karli does not like the car. Puked on me twice already. So all is great here.. hope all is well with u and your daughter.

Ham weighs 2.11
Mags weighs. 2.6
and Karli weighs 3.9



aka 'Kenzie'
has gone to her
'fur-ever' home with
Julie Grimshaw & Family
Plainfield, CT


Hi Linda-
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for allowing is to welcome Macey into our family- she is adorable and a fit with our family-so just thank again!!!
Julie Grimshaw



he has gone to join
Macey & Julie & family!
She loved Macey so much
she wanted a playmate so
a week later Muggles
joined the Family!

Hi Linda-just wanted to thank you again-but this time for Muggles-( I call him my mug bug)!! He is amazing so funny and full of energy- he loved spending time outside with us playing in the leaves-Macey spent the day lying in her bed acting like the little princess she is!! We have two older pugs but these pups have turned our home into complete chaos but I wouldn't have it any other way-thank you so much for bringing them into our lives!!!

March 2014

aka. 'Chichi'
is now living in
her loving 'fur-ever' home
being spoiled & cuddled with
new parents
Kelly & Carl Meadows
Gulfport, MS

(Parti Yorkie)


aka. 'Candelabra'
has found his
'fur-ever' home with

Tamara Moak & her Family
Hurley, MS


Good Evening Linda,
I thought you might like to see some pictures I took of Bandit (we couldn't resist the name with the black around his eyes, not to mention he loves the name) recently.  Went to the vet on July 26th and he weighed 3.6 lbs and is doing great. He is overcoming his shyness a little at a time. Still shys away from strangers but loves other dogs and even cats.  Congratulations on your recent litter of yorkies. I hope they are all doing well.


(aka. Candlestick)
He has found the perfect
home where he has just fit
right in & is loved!
His new 'furhome'
is with
Christina Carsello
& her family.
Sarasota, FL.


Hi Linda ,
I just wanted to let you know how things are going here in sunny sarasota.  Well Waldo is ridiculously adorable, And we can't get enough of him.. 😊My daughter came home from college on Friday and they bonded over the weekend it has been wonderful. He is such a gem and I can not thank you for sending such a doll to my family.   I took him to the vet and will send the paperwork back to you this week.  Thank you again.   😊

Christina Carsello=





Hi Linda !
Just wanted to show how great Waldo looks!  This is his pumpkin costume. He is so much fun!  Still a bit shy with new people but likes to meet new dogs  now so I take him everywhere!  Goes to puppy class and loves it!   Hope all is well with you and have a great holiday!
Take care
Christina 😊

He is happily living
with my Brother &

his wonderful family...
Tommy, Karen, Debbie
& Josh
San Antonio, TX.




"Lark" & "Lane"
both found their fur-ever
home with
Nyshika Dixson & her Family
Barkersfield, CA

"Sorry for the delay...but everything went well and the puppys are great...we went on a little outting and they had a ball...we luv them and all smiles....
thank you very much..."

(Parti Yorkies)
I just wanted to send you some photos of the puppies. They are doing very welll. We are enjoy'n them so much... She is a hand fulll and him he is so laid back...we luv them and they are a enjoy....thanks have a good day...
is now in his wonderful
fur-ever home with
Sarah Duran & her Family
Olathe, KS

"I got him and he's perfect he warmed up to me fast"



"She's been like this since she got home. She's very cuddly!
My mom tried to set her in a crate for a little bit but she literally
came running back after her and crawled into her hands.
I think she's scared to be by herself."


Everything's going great! Rosalie sleeps in my moms bed
 every night now, lol! She's getting to be really
 spoiled already. Gizmo plays with her all the time but Jessica,
 the Doberman, is actually scared of her and
goes out of her way to avoid being near her, lol!
 Rosalie also likes sleeping in the bed we got for
 Jessica and vice versa lol! I'm not sure how Jessica
 manages to fit in there. Thanks for checking in :)

Now living in her 'fur-ever' home
with Cindy, she is a gift from
her daughter
Erica Sanchez
Meridian, MS



Rosalie & Jessica are doing better together now. At least Jessica isn't
 trying to run from her anymore. One time Rosalie crawled into the
 little bed Jessica likes to sleep in and Jessica got upset about it and
nudged the bed all around the room trying to get Rosalie out of it!
Rosalie just looked at Jessica and went back to sleep lol! Poor Jessy!
 I think Jessica does like her but she doesn't play with her much because
 she doesn't want to hurt her. She's always very careful around Rosalie.
Anyways, thought you'd like the video. Have a great week! :)

(aka. Barley)
This sweet little guy is now
in his 'fur-ever' home with my
Beautful Niece Jill & her 3
wonderful kids...Jada, Dallas & Dakoda.
And the cutest 'weiner-dog' Tator!
LaGrange, GA.


She has moved in to
her 'Fur-ever' home with
Kirby Gean & Family
Waterloo, AL
aka. 'Brandi'
She has gone to her 'Fur-ever' home
to live with
Bonnie Tartt
Bailey, MS

We made it home without illness and all cuddled up. She did a wee bit of exploring but is now on her bed and "resting" before Bonnie gets here. Thanks.
2nd up date....
It's amazing how one little animal can affect the whole household. She has just brought joy to everybody she meets. Playful, smart, just too cute!! Happy Happy puppy. We renamed her Sadie--just seemed to fit her better for us. Gonna be rotten. We have a 2 1/2 y/o grandson that was here for 4 days. He will tell you, "We must be gentle." They played and played. I guess because he was the closest thing to her size but for whatever reason, they had such a good time. She would hide for a bit when he was running around but she'd come out and play for long periods. She's doing very well with 'potty training' on the outside. All of us are really enjoying her. She is eating well--got the food you were using--so she hasn't skipped a beat. Thanks so much!!!


aka. 'Comet'

He is now in his
new 'fur-home' with
Kayla Gentry & Family
Mt. Olive, MS


(Parti Yorkie)

aka. 'Candyman'
has gone to his 'fur-ever'
me with
Kim Ballard & her Family
Biloxi, MS

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to let you know how Brees is doing. Last night wasn't bad because we slept in the recliner together. Not sure what we'll do tonight. I gave him a bath needless to say he wasn't happy but what dog likes to be bathed. He's adjusting quite well and we just love him so much, he fits right into our little family. Here are some pics from today.

Thanks for everything,

*New up-date*

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to give you an update. He is doing great. We are keeping him in a pen while we are busy so that he doesn't get hurt and while we are housebreaking him. On Thursday I had to go to work and my hubby took care of him. My husband takes me to work and picks me up and our conversation on the way home was that he thought that he was sick because he was moping around. Not, when I walked through the door Brees perked up just waiting for me to pick him up, which I did. He just missed me. Today, after my hubby dropped me off and came back home he said he took him out of the pen for a while and that Brees went into our bedroom and found my house slippers and was laying on them. So he put the slippers in the pen while he was packing and never heard a whimper out of him. Guess we have him spoiled already. I do have a question about the chewing. Are the rawhide bones or pigs ears safe for him to chew on? Also, I got him a harness and leash to walk him. I know that Yorkies are prone to tracheal collapse because my mom had a Yorkie. Is it okay to get him a regular collar so that I can put a tag on it? There is no where to put a tag on the harness is why I ask.

Hey Linda,
We want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As you can see, Gabbie and Gracie are in the Christmas Spirit. They are doing very well and are growing and are very spoiled. Hope all is well with you and your family and butterflies.

God Bless!
Sherri and Kevin Killegrew

'Gabby' (Corri) & 'Gracy' (Colette)
have found their 'fur-ever' home
Kevin & Sherri Killegrew
Long Beach, MS

Hey Linda,

Thanks for checking up on us. The girls are doing fine. Plenty of adventure on our 1 1/2 acres with close supervision. We have a plastic play pin that is open on the top to keep them contained for now. It has plenty of room for the to play and sleep. We have named them Gabby (Corri) and Gracy (Collete). We love them very much and look forward to the adventures ahead. They were checked out by the vet and are in great health. He recognize your shots and we will take them Monday to resume there shots. Sorry we have not contacted you yet but with work and these Balls of Fire it has been a little busy. We will keep in touch and keep watching your web site. Thanks again Linda for what you do keeping families happy with your butterflies. That is great news about Cookies. Take Care!
(Parti Yorkies)
aka. 'Creampuff'
She's here! She ate and we are going to clean her up....All clean and snuggled up with momma...I think she potty'd and got sick. She came home, ate and checked out the house a bit before her bath. After she snuggled up and slept until 3... Went outside to potty then back to sleep until 6. She had some breakfast and is snuggled back up again. I have a feeling she's going to be a bit spoiled:-)
Melissa & Indy Subasic
& Family
New Castle, DE.


She holds her toys between her front paws as she destroys them.
We have tried the "indestructible" dog toys... Nope she destroys them. Haha


Lilo has turned
1 yr old!!!
Isn't she precious!!!

We just wanted to stop by and give you an update on our baby!! :) Ashton is fitting right in at his new home!! He loves to chase Wyatt (my grandson), play with all his toys, and loves to be loved on!! We could not have asked for a more perfect pet for our family!! He is spoiled rotten and we love it!! :)
He doesn't care for my husband when I'm around!! lol
Michelle Lizana
Saucier, MS
I am so excited. My neighbors are really happy for me that Bently will be joining our fur-family. Wow, I've always dreamed about a Yorkie family only for me. This is it, can't wait. I've been asking Harly "where is Bently" he looks around and gets excited so when Bently comes home with us on Tuesday night, Harly will be overjoyed. I will be taking Wednesday off to bond with the new family member. I will probably take Bently to work with me on Thursday, maybe Harly too.
Thank you so much for my beautiful family (who needs a man?). I carry my camera now in my purse so will take pictures often. Rocky, Harly and my neighbors are going shopping on Sunday and I will show you how the boys travel with us to the stores we visit.
Jo & the boys
Here are pictures from today. We went to Petco to get Bentley his own bed and Halloween sweater. Such a good family, they are all happy. What kind of dry food did you send with Bentley. He loves it.
Jo, Rocky, Harley & Bentley
Rocky is in the Orange, Harley is in the black and Bently is in Green, having dinner together.
Thank you so much for beautiful Aiden (Bently) we all love him
 (me Rocky & Harley), he is perfect. He is now starting to play with Harley.
Thank you for the instructions for food. I usually mix in boiled chicken and
 boiled carrots but will try the Cheerios and yogurt (sounds great).
Rocky & Bently are on the pillows watching TV with me tonight,
 Harley is playing with his toys. I have a family I never thought I'd have. So wonderful.
It's hard to walk down the street with my beautiful boys
 without getting stopped for everyone to take pictures.
I enjoy showing off my babies. Will send you pictures often.
Lots of licks, Rocky, Harley & Bently
This aka. Aiden now 'Bentley'
He is now living in his 'fur-ever' home
with Jo Adams, Rocky & Harley
in Forest Hills, NY
(Golden Yorkie)

This was 'Rio'
He has not left her side. He's sleeping with her tonight. We named him Pierre.
He hasn't cried at all.
Made himself right at home the minute he got here.
Thanks so much Linda we are very happy to have our new family member.
 He warmed up to Zach too on the way home.

Stephanie Stewart
& Family
Pass Christian, M

Hello Linda,
How are things? I just wanted to say hello and let you know Cooper is still doing very well... He is small long and slim:) he is a very playful little guy... Always wants to play no matter the time or day.
He has really bonded with Lela and Lela the same... We put them in the boarder a couple weeks back because we went to Caliifornia to see family...

They did really well there... I know he had a blast because he got to play with a bunch of doggies! Health wise he us doing great.! He is getting fixed in the 30th... He loves going on walks :) He loves being outside... He tries chewing on anything and everything though so we have to watch him pretty closely.. Other than that... I just love him ! He is an angel!
How is everything over there? Any new litters? Hope to hear from you soon... I will send a picture of Coop in a second email I forgot to attach one to this email. Have a great day!
He is adjusting well... Still getting use to everything .., sleeping a lot ga ha!
Ok my other dog did well she is still trying to figure him out but, she likes him and he really likes her.
His tail wiggles a lot when he tries to play. It is really cute !
Crystal & Ian Moore
Hattiesburg, MS

Hey Linda!!

How are u? Archer is doing great!! Yesterday he was very
skiddish most of the day but today he has loosened up a lot!! He loves my
son! He follows him everywhere. Ethan climbed the tree in our back yard
and he couldn't get to him and started crying and even barked!! Lucy has
not warmed up to him yet (it always takes time for her) but he loves my
cat!! And Carly (which is our big dog) is too rough to play with him yet!
We are so happy to have a little boy back in our family!!! Thank u so
Hey Linda,
How are you? Archer is still doing great!! He adores my son! He will not let Ethan out
of his sight unless he just has to!! He loves running and playing outside!!
Him and Ethan play chase lol!! He is gonna miss Ethan when he starts
back to school!! But atleast that will give me some time with him because
if Ethan is around, he doesn't want anything to do with anyone else, lol!!
Lucy has finally started to warm up to him!! I have been keeping an
eye on little Aiken and seen Aaron also (he looks like Archers twin)!!!
They are all adorable!! I can't imagine having to worry about my
babies going to a new home so I just wanted to give you an update!!
Thanks again, Desireah
Gulfport, MS.
Thanks Desireah & Family!

(Golden Parti Carrier Yorkie)

Hey Linda,
They are doing great!! Aaron has become my baby!! He is so sweet!! He and Archer started playing as soon as I got Aaron home!! They play kind of rough though. I guess its a brother thing. Have you sold any of the others yet? I've been advertising them alot!! Hope all is well and your mom is doing okay. Do you still have the pics of Aaron from 10 weeks old? I would love to have em if you do!

This is Desireah's 2nd pup, she
came back & got Archer's(right) brother


Hey, how have you been? Just wanted to send some updated pics!
The first Aaron is on the left! He is scared of the camera so don't
 have many of him and the others are Archer & Lucy and one of
Archer by himself and one of Aaron by himself and then a few more!!
 LOL!! Love these babies! Well take care! Desireah

This is
Isabella...(aka Milli)
She is now in her loving home with
Tiffany Parrish & family
Laurel, MS
We love her ! She slept in her basket beside our bed last night and did great. She did get up a few times to go to the bathroom. You are right , she is not eating much of her dry food so we got her some can food. She is not drinking much. She plays hard and sleeps well. I had to work some today, so she rode back to Hattiesburg and then home to laurel today. She does great in the car. Maybe when she gets her bottom teeth in she can eat better. We found a high calorie nutritional supplant called nutri cal at our pet supply store. They didn't have your brand so we can try this for now. Thanks for the info. Talk to you soon.

Tiffany A. Parrish, iPhone


This is Elvis (aka. Rusty) he is
11 months old now & is doing well.
He lives with Mr. Earl Alberts
Ocean Springs, MS.

Thanks Mr. Alberts!

Hi Linda, Heeeee's home - he was so happy to get out of his crate as you said - he held onto me and I was able to hold in for the car ride home - he didn't get sick and now he is running around with Matt exploring his new home. He is a tough one to get a picture of, we tried but we're going to wait until tomorrow and enjoy this time letting him get familiar. Thank you, he is precious - We wish you well tomorrow. He's safe & happy.
Matt & Mary                              Salem, NH

 Update on Kayleb/Yoshi his face is changing colors already silvery color coming in between his eyes and forhead ... 2 and a quarter lbs ... He had a reaction to the Bordetella Vaccine but 2 weeks of antibiotics and all is well. He is definately a spitfire. He will stand there look at you and bark at you till you play with him. He is on a weekly bath scedule cause he looks so greasy at the end of a week .. we bath him in an oatmeal shampoo as recomended by my vet to avoid the dry skin and hair. He is so very loved. My girls are working on leash traing him as my knee injury prevents me from much walkng. It is going very well. House breaking is a different story but his piddle pad training is going well finely pooping on it too MOST of the time. I must ask though, May I register him using your Kennel Prefix "Belles Beautiful Yoshi" the Beautiful from his father's name?


Patricia Davis & her Family.
Long Beach, MS

Thank you!
(Parti Carrier Yorkie)

Hi Linda,

How are you feeling from your surgery?

Kami is fitting in very well!! All of us just LOVE her so much!! She likes to cuddle with us in bed and follows us around the house, she is so funny to when some comes over or she here's any noise at night she starts barking and growling she's quite the guard dog!! Lol

My dads is much better thanks for asking, he's still in the hospital. He had a complication with the surgery and needed a pace maker but that's seems to be making a big difference for the better!!! :-)

I will send you pictures of beautiful Kami soon so you can see how happy she is!

She is now living with
Dianna & Alex 
and their daughter, Ashely
San Diego, CA.

(Parti Carrier Yorkie)

This is "Ajay"
He has gone to his
new forever home with
Laura, her husband & 2 little girls
& one boy! The great thing
about this is Destny, age 14, saved
her money to get Ajay.
How special is that?
Thanks Edwards Family!
Walnut Grove, MS
(Gold Papkie)

This is "Alyce"
She was a Christmas
surprise under the tree
for a seet little boy.
I just love my babies getting
Loving forever homes!
Thank you
Frank & Christine!
Metairie, LA

(Gold Papkie)

Here we "Alex"
He was a wonderful
surprise under the
Christmas tree for a
Sweet little boy at
Guy & Marla Lacy's home!
How exciting!
Gulfport, MS.


This is "Aprille"
She has gone to her
forever home with
Kristen in
Biloxi, MS.
Thanks Kristen, I hope you
and Aprille have fun!

(Gold Papkie)

Updated pictures of Lolly
Thanks so much!


This is Libbi. I purchased Aubrey from you. She is doing fantastic! She loves my other dogs and my 2 year old. She already rules the roost. I plan to send you some pictures soon. I noticed on your website you still have two papkies. My mother became very interested as soon as she saw Lolly (I renamed her:) I already have a Autumn.

Thank you!

This is "Aubrie"
she went home with
Libbi, her husband & little girl
to live in
Ocean Springs, MS.
Thanks Libbi & Family!

(Gold Papkie)

Here we have 'Konner',
he has gone to live with
Mary, her husband &
sweet Baby Boy. I have not seen such a
happy family getting their
very first puppy! How exciting!
Thanks Mary!
Ocean Springs, MS

This is Riely (aka. Ripley),
he has gone to his forever
home to live with Sonya, her husband
& all her 4 legged Fur Babies!
One big happy family!
Right here in Gulfport, MS.
Thanks Sonya!


You are precious!!!

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how Dash ("Barney") is doing. He is adjusting very well. He's such a sweet playful boy who is into everything. He keeps us very entertained! He has become fast friends with my mom's chorkie, Mouse. They are almost never apart. I'm including some pictures.

We love our sweet boy!

Thank you so much,

Dani and Jason Baisden


We are doing well!! Baxter is so cute! He is adjusting to his new home well.

This is 'Skeeter'...aka 'Korey'...he is a Papkie. Now living in Florida with his new family...

Linda - he had a good first night.  He is being crate trained.   He slept from 11-4am then again from 4:30-6:30am.  His stomach was gurgly this morning.  I fed him this morning.  He ate some, but not all of his can.  Left him some of the dry.  He's drinking water.   Kids love him.  Our border collie was amazed by him.  Here's a couple pics.  He's a sweetie.  I hated having to go back o work this morning, but my husband works from home, so he is in and out.  I bet Skeeter is riding around with him on the golf cart !



(New up-date on Skeeter...)

Dear Linda -

Just wanted to let you know Skeeter is doing great!  He is a joy!  His personality cannot be beat.  Right now he is in "piranha puppy" stage, but I know that will pass with time.  He loves his family, but especially his new mommy.  Here are some new pics of him taken last night with our son.  Skeeter has learned to "come" and "sit".  A very smart little puppy!


Brandy Varner



Hello :) well I just wanted to send you a picture of Aubrey and Jessie at her 3 yr old pics. It was last minute that we decided to bring Jessie :) she's had a little trim since then but this is my 2 girls:) we just had a little boy February 1st so she will have another playmate:)
Yes you are welcome to post it! She's so fun! She n my husband are too funny! They are like 2 peas in a
Pod! Aubrey absolutely loves her! She tells everyone that's Jessie is her bestfriend :) your welcome for the update!

This is little 'Jessie'
(aka. Lacey)
She is now in her forever
home with her sweet
little 'person' Aubrey!
As you can see, they are both
as happy as can be! They live with
Aubrey's parents in Slidell, LA.
Have fun growing up together girls!!


This sweet baby girl 
now live's with Terinia
and her baby Girl
in Vancleve, MS.

This is little girl went home
with her new Mommie & Daddy
all the way to Cut Off, LA.
Thanks Nora & John!


This is
Corky & Claudy
They have gone to
their 'for-ever' home
with Ms Jane in
Vicksburg, MS.
She waited a long time
for the time to be just right
for them to come home.
Now all '3' of them are living happily
ever after!!!


   I wanted to send you a recent picture of Freckles (3 days ago). He is doing great, growing like a weed. We love him a lot. His best friends are my son and our cat. My son and Freckles play chase in the bed every morning before school and Freckles and the cat play for hours outside, it's a hoot. Anyway, here is a recent pic. Take care.

The Karpinsky's


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that Wrigley is doing wonderful!! He's such a snuggler and loves to sleep! He's getting adjusted to our home very well and is getting to know and love our other dogs and my little brothers! I'm so happy to have him and he is being spoiled rotten. I'm having trouble getting him to eat the dry food, I mix the Cesar puppy wet food in with it but he picks out the dry food and only eats the wet. Any tips? He loves to chew the purple floppy monkey you sent with his care package and is learning to "go potty" outside pretty well! He always wants me to hold him and if I turn the corner without him seeing me he'll cry because he's alone. I'm sure that's because he's not used to being away from his mommy and brothers and is a little scared without them, but he's getting better and more independent each day. I can't help but come to his rescue when his little cry is so cute and sweet! Thanks again for everything. I have pictures taken after I picked him up from the airport as well as a few at home, but I haven't uploaded them from my camera yet. As soon as I do I will send them!  Attached is one that I took on my cell phone when we were playing together outside and also one of him snuggled up on my chest! My mom also got a Papillon puppy about a month ago after I decided to get one. She fell in love with her at the pet store and had to have her! The other picture is of Cricket and Wrigley kissing and playing. They are perfect playmates. He is also scheduled for a trip to the vet next Wednesday.

Talk to you soon & thanks again! I love him so much!

Brittani =

Hey there! I got her!!! She was a little shy and scared at first, but once we were out of the car she started running around and wagging her tail, and even ate some of the Cesar puppy food you sent. She and Wrigley are already getting along great! They just chewed on some bones together and now she is snuggled up beside him sleeping- so cute! 

I'll send some pictures as soon as I get them on the computer. 
Thank you so much! Wrigs and I already love her so much! 

This is Brittani's second Papillon from 'Belles'...
Just a little note to let you know Dale is doing wonderful!! So far we have taken him to town with us every trip and he has not thrown up yet!! Yesterday evening we took Dale and my little girl for a walk along the Snake river. There is a lovely paved pathway for walkers and bikers! He loved it!! He just pranced all the way! My husband gets on the floor and plays tug and tough boy with him! Dale just loves to play! We are very happy with him! He is perfect for us!
Thank you for trusting us with Dale, He is a joy to have in our lives!
(Parti Carrier Yorkie)

(These 2 girls are Papkies)

Girls at
Christmas 2010!
All grown up!

Espresso and Latte are doing great. They are sooo smart! Espresso can sit, stay, lie down, shake hands and rollover at only 4 1/2 months old!!! Latte can sit, lie down and rollover (she hasn't learned to stay yet and she would rather bite my hand than shake). My husband is totally smitten. Me, too!
The girls have taken 2 trips to my mother's house in Bon Secour, AL. They travel well and get along with her dog & cat. They are fearless, they even got along with my sister's big Doberman...of course, I was never more than a step and a half away.
None of my photos came out good, so I'm sending some of the ones my sister took on Mother's Day. She has a massive amount of equipment that lets her click one photo after another and get good shots even while the puppies are moving. She also has a family practice clinic in Jackson, MS so she's very busy. She   took forever to send me the photos. Her name is Dr. Cynthia Allen if you need a good doctor, but I guess Jackson is quite a distance from Saucier.
Thanks again for these puppies. I can't imagine life without them.
My husband thinks they are a gift from St. Francis...:)


Here we have 'Baby Peter Pan'
He is a Yorkie and has
gone to live with Ms Debbie
in Alabama.
Tinker Bell & Chip are his
Mommy & Daddy


These are Papkies!

Their Mother is a Papillon and their Father is a Yorkie.

They all went togehter to their forever home to

three children on Christmas Eve,

Blossom and Chip are the parents of these Butterfly's

Here we have our second litter
of 'past' Papkies. They all went to very
loving homes. Lil Boy went to a sweet
teenage girl whose name is Tiffany, Red & Blue Girl went to
a very nice couple,Kathy & Shawn to live together.
Their names are now Breeze & Gracie! Pink Girl
went home with the nicest little boy who just fell
in love with her. So our little Butterflys all found wonderful
forever homes and I couldn't be HAPPIER!

Hope & Brodie
are the parents of
these Butterflys!
(Sadly we lost Hope)

This little guy went home with
a young couple that fell so "love"
with him. He is a Parti Poodle.
 So he is in his
forever home & happy as
can be...and so am I!

His Mommy &  Daddy were
our Poodles
Sophie & Rome'o
both have found new
forever homes.

This is our litter of
Born April 14, 2009
One girl & two boys!

Blossom & Rome'o are
the parents of these
litte 'fluff~balls'

Here are our 'beautiful'
little 'Papkie' Babies.
Mommy & Daddy
Ruby & Brodie
They were born 10/14/09

This is Majesty.
She has found her for-ever home
with Ms. Georgia in Kansas.
Were she has her nails painted &
bows in her hair!
She is living stress free, being loved.
Thank you Ms. Georgia!



Hey there...Just wanted to send you a pic of you can see she is doing well.  We have spoiled her rotten already and she has gotten used to sleeping on 1000 count sheets rather easily.  She is absolutely adored and the best thing that has happened to our family in a year.  She has been a perfect little accidents, eats well, plays when she feels like it & loves going!  She even gives me a few kisses at night as we all get in the bed:)
Thanks again for taking such good care of our baby girl.
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