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I have some sweet little Golden Boys, 6 Golds & 1 Blk/tan...all born to my Golden Yorkie Mom, Addie, 6.13$1,200,
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Papillons, Yorkies & Designer Pups

I am a small in-home papillon and yorkie dog breeder. They are raised in my home, not in kennels. My little 'fur babies' are playful and loving, and they will come, having their first shots,...

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~~~~I do not raise Biewers any more~~~~
This is just an information page on this
beautiful dog.
Thank you


Before we begin, let's start with the ever popular question...

How Do you Pronounce Biewer? 

The German pronunciation is BIVA like DIVA.   You can Americanize it by saying Bee-vair or if you speak English and want to pronounce it as it's spelled, it would be Biewer like Viewer.  All are acceptable pronunciations; however, whatever you decide Puleeeeeeeeeeze do not call this beautiful breed BEAVERS!!!!


Biewer Terrier Standard

General Appearance is that of an elegant long haired tri-colored toy terrier with the hair parting down the middle and hanging straight and evenly on both sides of the dog, as though a comb had been used to part the hair from the nose to the end of the body. The back is level, with height at shoulders being equal to height of the rump.  Although the outline of the dog gives the appearance of a square, the body length can be slightly longer than the overall height.  The tail is carried high over the body in a teacup handle fashion and covered with a long flowing plume.  The Biewer Terrier has a lighthearted whimsical, child like attitude.  Although mischievous at times, they are obedient and make a loyal companion.

Head is slightly rounded with a moderate stop.  The muzzle is approximately one-third the length of the head. 

Bite can be level or scissor bite. 

Nose is to be completely black. 

 Eyes are medium sized and either round or almond shaped, with an intelligent expression looking straight ahead.  The rims are dark in color.  Ears are small, V shaped, upright, moderately wide set and covered with hair.  They are set to the back of the skull and their base is level with the eyes.  Tips should be shaved.

Body is fine to medium boned with a good level top line.  Height at the shoulders is the same as the height at the rump.  Length of the body can be slightly longer than the height of the dog.  The chest comes to the elbows with a good width.  The rib cage is moderately sprung with the underline being slightly tucked up and a short but strong loin.

Front legs must be absolutely straight, muscular and covered with hair.  Hind legs are straight when viewed from behind and stifles are slightly bent when viewed from the side.  Feet are as round as possible, with white or black nails.

Tail is carried high over the body in a teacup handle fashion and covered with a long flowing plume.  Length must go to the stifles or longer.

Coat is long and flowing with a soft silky texture.  Hair is straight and without an undercoat and should be at least 3/4 to the ground.  Head fall is tied up into a single ponytail on top of the head and may be left hanging freely or put into a topknot.

Head coloring is (Blue/Black, White, Gold/Tan); (Blue/Black, Gold/Tan); (Gold/Tan, White) in good symmetry.

Hair coloring on back is blue or black and white.  Amounts of each color are of personal preference with no dominating patterns.

Chest, Stomach, Legs and Tip of the Tail is absolutely white.  The white from the chest should come up the neck to cover the chin.

Temperament of the Biewer Terrier is intelligent, loyal and very devoted to their human family. They have a fun loving, child like attitude that makes them a great companion for all ages.

Weight is 4 to 8 pounds.

Faults are a roach or rounded back, brown, gold or tan anywhere on the body, legs, or talk; pale nostrils; floppy ears; over 8 lbs.



The Biewer breed originated in Hunsruck Germany. In 1984 Mr.& Mrs. Werner Biewer started the first Biewer through a gene mutation in their yorkies, also known as a recessive pie bald gene. Although Mr. Biewer passed away in 1997, his legacy lives on through this exquisite and rare breed.


The Biewer began with the Master parents of the blue & tan Sire,

"Darling von Friedheck",

and the Dam, also blue and tan in color,

"Fru Fru von Friedheck".


Both dogs were world youth winners in 1981 at Dortmund.

Their marriage brought the first blue-white-gold Biewer,

"Scheneeflocken of Friedheck",

born January 20, 1984.

Schneefloechen von Friedheck         Schneewittchen von Friedheck

                                 1st daughter                                   1st grand daughter                           

The Original German Biewer Standard

written by Mr. Biewer


Mr. Biewer continued breeding his colored Yorkies to achieve their white bellies and four white paws. In 1989 the Biewer was accepted as it own breed with the ACH German e.V. The Biewer has enchanted us with their elegant coloring and disposition.


The head must have three colors; blue/black, white and gold in good symmetry. The belly, chest, legs and the tip of the tail is white. Full tail (not docked). The back is black/blue or black/blue with white in it. The hair is silky, not curly. The black generally turns blue in time just as the Yorkshire Terrier. The coat may take two years to get to its final color.

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House Rules



1. The dog is not allowed in the house.


2. Okay, the dog is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms.


3.  The dog is allowed in all rooms, but has to stay off the furniture.


4.  The dog can get on the old furniture only, but has to stay off the new couch.


5.  Fine, the dog is allowed on all the furniture, but is not allowed to sleep with the humans on the    bed.


6.  Okay, the dog is allowed on the bed, but only by invitation.


7.  The dog can sleep on the bed whenever he wants, but not under the covers.


8.  The dog can sleep under the covers by invitation only.


9.  The dog can sleep under the covers every night.


10.  Humans must ask permission to sleep under the covers with the dog.


House Rules!



My Dog's House


This is my dogs' house

They Live here

You'll find they roam freely

From the front to the rear

I'm pleased you came to visit

My dogs are also glad you're here

I hope that in their own way

They bring you a degree of cheer

But if my dogs upset you

Or if you simply find them a bore

Remember, this is my dogs' house

And I'll gladly show you the door



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